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Jack has been working with firearms and learning defensive techniques from various professionals with different backgrounds, such as law enforcement and military personnel for over a decade. He has training in live fIre entry/CQB and low light training with handgun. The skill level that will be offered with a handgun will range from beginner to advanced. One of the key components he has learnt throughout the years is preparedness. Being prepared requires a mindset, an investment of your own time. There are a lot of steps and procedures one can take before ever needing to use a firearm.  When we approach a difficult task or develop a new routine into our daily lives, this requires a level of discipline. There are so many individuals, athletes, professors, and entrepreneurs that accomplish that discipline through the investment of time . Why would you not implement the same attributes that could save your life? Instinct Defense will develop a skillset and a level of situational awareness that will become subconscious.

How Instinct was formed.

The motivation behind Instinct Defense was Jack’s father. He lost his dad at a young age and has had a difficult time navigating life without him. Jack had an extremely strong bond with his father and relied on his guidance to do the right thing. Even though he is gone, Jack still feels his presence and guidance. One of the biggest lessons he taught Jack as a youngster was to “seize the moment”. Life is too short, so don’t wait on things as they will pass you by. 

Jack’s father was named after St Ambrose, who was the patron saint of Milan and was known as the beekeeper. This is where the inspiration for the name “Instinct Defense” and logo came from. His dad was a beekeeper to his family and his friends. There is something pretty special about a beekeeper and the dedication they have to protecting the hive. Bees themselves are also pretty remarkable. Bees have a natural instinct to do anything to protect their hive and queen. As humans, we would do the same for our loved ones when put to the test. Through his experiences, Jack has developed  an appreciation for life and strives to live in the moment. He is proud to be offering this service that protects his community, friends and family. 

At Instinct Defense you will become proficient with your firearm. You will develop the knowledge and skill set to protect your own HIVE.

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